Several centuries ago the Alysolia family dutifully served as High Priests of the goddess Pharasma. However Varaug the son of the head of the family had seen a different route for his life. Naturally gifted in the art of Necromancy, he performed dark experiments in the pursuit of power. When this become known to his father he had him sentenced to death. Praying to Urgathoa he was able to escape his prison and transformed himself into the ultimate mockery of the teachings of Pharasma, a lich. Filled with shame his father vowed to Pharasma that his family would do whatever it took to destroy his former son Varaug.

Over the years, the Alysolia family made numerous attempts to fulfill their oath and while they rid the world of numerous undead scourges, their numbers dwindled until only Ashe and her father and brothers were left. However they still held hope as they had found a vital weakness of the lich, the location of his phylactery. Because of the numerous attempts on his undead life, Varaug hid his phylactery in a magic stronghold to defend it from his former kin. Prepared for what may well be their end Ashe and her family infiltrated the stronghold and after traveling for days finally made it to the vault where the phylactery was kept. Unfortunately it was guarded by a powerful death knight who plowed through them like it was nothing. The last thing Ashe remembers is the ice cold sensation of the sword being plunged in her abdomen before losing consciousness. She did not know how many days had passed after that, but when she came to in a temple of Pharasma. The head priest there explained that they found her on the edge of the woods, badly wounded with a rune carved in her left hand saying “better luck next time”.

She spent a full year healing her wounds as the cut of the death knight’s cursed blade drained her of almost all her strength and more importantly robbed her of her ability to carry a child. Now with a new sense of desperation as she is the last of her line, she seeks for the things she needs to defeat Varaug: allies, power and coin.


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