It was most unsettling waking up in another place as where I went to sleep, lying on a stone slab, with six other people. Apparently they had the same experience. We were a diverse group, including a gunslinger, a druid, a summoner, a fanatic inquisitor of Pharasma, a thiefling monk and a paladin.

Some exploring of the building showed it was a tower; and when we set foot outside we were attacked by demons.

We decided to head off in a random direction, not knowing where we were. We were able to press on for days without needing rest or food. In the end the group decided to head back for the tower. For what reason is unclear to me since we did investigate it, and it was empty. But they were right it seemed. A man in robes stood waiting for us. He told us this had been a test and his mistress was waiting for us. He clapped his hands and we woke up once more, in the same room lying on stone slabs. I felt like giving him an earful about ‘testing’ us without asking us first. And a the same for his mistress for that matter since he was probably of the type of persons that just do as they’re told, no matter what.

The mistress told us she comes from another world, destroyed by an entity brought into the world by some kind of ritual that demands a lot of sacrifices. And she was there to try and stop the same thing happening to Golarion. She tried to get support from the ‘powers that be’, but they wouldn’t listen. Maybe she should have brought proof? And now she wanted to hire some kind of freelance help to do the job.

In short, she more or less gang pressed us into a job of saving the world from imminent destruction by unknown forces. And the thing is: I wanted to check if there’s anything to this story that sounds like a load of baloney before dismissing it and going off into the sunset.

She had a map with a lot of places where the ‘ritual’ was taking place. And I tried to get us to go to Katapesh first: a huge city where I’ve never been, where it’s warm and far away from my former home. What better place to be if this turned out to be the nonsense I suspected it to be?

ANyway, in Katapesh a lot of people were disappearing without a trace. No surprise there, it’s a big city. But it merited looking into because, well, it were people disappearing. The last one just had to be the daughter of a pact master; those are probably the most powerful people in the city. Getting an audience with him to try and get permission to investigate proved infuriating.


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