Game 1

The party woke up, finding themselves far away from where they went to sleep, in a tower, only dressed in a toga. Exploring the tower they saw it stood in a valley covered with pine-trees and snow. They found their weapons and armor in the room bellow and when changing into their armor noticed that all of them had a symbol branded in their chest, a sword over a shield.

When they went outside an attack began on the tower, a horde of demons charging out of the treeline to attack them. After a fierce fight, they managed to push back the demons and then went exploring….for a very long time. Even after noticing there was no north, no day and night cycle, no animals and that things were slightly off, like a not fully completed copy.

At some point they got attacked by more of the demons, and after having defeated them, decided to return to the tower. There they were greeted by a man in robes who told them that all of it had been a test and they he was there to take them to his master. He clapped his hands and the moment after they found themselves awakening yet again in the same tower, yet this time it was awakening from a dream.

The man led them to his master’s war-room and introduced them to his master, the lady Alanna deMornay. She explained that the entire dream had been a test to see if they would cooperate and that she was pleased with the result. she then told them that she knew the world of Golarion was in grave danger and that a group of heroes would need to stop the coming darkness. She explained she herself came from a world that had been destroyed by the evil that had set it’s eye on Golarion and that she wanted to spare the world the same fate.
She went on to explain that cultists all over the world were preparing and enacting a ritual that would open the way for their master to come into the world, and that she wanted them to stop the ritual from happening. She herself had tried to gain support, but had failed, having little influence in this world.

The group decided to go to Katapesh first and start looking there first. Initial investigation led them to the disappearance of the daugther of one of the pactmasters and they then tried to get into contact with this pactmaster to start the investigation. This however turned out to be quite troublesome, as of course important people like a pactmaster don’t simply entertain a ragged gang from all over the world.

Game 1

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