Game 2

The group got their meeting with the pactmaster and was allowed to investigate the room of his daugther aswel as interrogate the servants of the girl. While checking the room they noticed that someone had broken into it, though it had been done subtely, barely noticable, and they found a torn and dirty piece of white cloth under the bed. They learned from interrogating the servants that no-one had heard anything strange in the room, and since there are always aluum on guard, the kidnapping of the girl had to have happened quietly. The monk and inquisitor followed the tracks through the garden to the wall and to the other side but lost the trace there quickly. Katapesh is after all the second largest and busiest city on Golarion.

Considering all of it a dead-end, the group went back to the tavern they were staying at and Flinn started working on his gun. In the evening Flinn decided it was time to pay the thieves a visit, even though that had nothing to do with the kidnapping and they had no real reason to go there anymore, having already secured a present for the pactmaster, besides having nothing better to do. Eventually they had to put it to a vote since there was some disagreement on wether or not to go.

The trip to the thieves’ guild almost ended badly. The fight itself went rather ok, but could have gone better. the inquisitor however decided to follow one of the thieves, on her own, through the maze of streets. She caught up with the thieve but got ambushed by some of his companions. When the rest noticed that she wasn’t coming back, they went back to the city thinking she would be waiting at the tavern, but instead found her hanging from a cross at the city gates, where she was just being taken down by the guards. She got locked up, charged with murder, and it took another trip to one of the pactmasters to get her out of it. To get the support they had to retrieve a box for him from a burnt out section of the city no-one in the city wanted to enter, and did so without trouble.

After this came the discussion of what to do next so the group split up to follow some ideas. The monk and oracle went to the sisters of the quill to see if anything like this had happened before in the history of Katapesh but they couldn’t find anything. The rest went to the slavemarket to see if anyone had been buying a lot of slaves and they found a clue there. Some foreigners had been buying slaves, not many but regularly, and they followed the trail back to a house in the lower city. By this time the others had caught up to them. So the monk went to investigate the building and foudn out it was being guarded, and that there were slaves inside. One of the guards had however noticed someone had entered the building.

They waited for nightfall to attack the building, using the summoners creatures as a diversion while the gunslinger and monk went in through the roof, all in all a solid tactical plan that would have gone great if the guards hadn’t been laying in ambush. The fight turned ugly very fast and some rather strange tactical decisions from the rest of the group almost led to the deaths of the the ones inside. But in they managed to take down all the slavers. Inside they found a couple of slaves, but not the girl they were looking for, and some papers, including a map of the country Katapesh with a route marked on it. They also found a strange religious symbol. The oracle and monk went back to the Sisters to investigate the symbol, finding nothing.

So the next day they followed the route on the map and four days later, arrived at a small jungle. They easily followed the trail to a partially sunk pyramide and went inside, finding little besides a few traps that had been set of ages ago. The pyramide had been emptied a long time ago. The tracks however had led inside so something had to be there.
They didn’t investigate any closer and instead followed some of the tracks outside, leading to a small camp where a couple of men were guarding horses and camels. They decided to go all out on them at night and quickly finished the fight. So now they’re waiting at the camp for the rest to show up, which might take a while.

Game 2

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