Letter 1

My dearest friend whom I miss so much,

Hehehe, no, just kidding bro. Although I still think you should have come with me. Here I am, out in to the world, having crazy adventures like we always talked about. And where are you? Still slaving away in your father’s shop. But you have it your way then, and I’ll have mine.

Talking of which.

Believe it or not, I am going to save the world. Yep, little old me, saving the whole of Golarion. Is this world doomed or what!

I know what you are thinking right now, that this is like the time I had to deliver those powder-horns to Gackis. But this time I’m not exaggerating. By the way, I still stand by my story of what happened that day. Despite what the lorekeepers say, I did see a red dragon out on the road and if I hadn’t blown the powder it would have broken through the Seranis’ estates’ gates and burned down the house. More of it than I did anyway. I still don’t care what you or the people at the academy think, Sofy Seranis believed me, and she was very thankfull.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked here and I am not rewriting this letter.

So I had only left the city for about a week or two. As we talked about I had traveled north to Nex. I found a caravan willing to hire me as a guard. We traveled along the Ustradi river and then headed east towards Quantium. Nothing exiting happened. The only heroic thing I did was throw one of my knives in too a viper getting ready to bite one of our coach drivers. He didn’t even thank me, all he did was ask why I hadn’t used my gun. It is true what they say you know, outside of Alkenstar our weapons are as rare as magic items are back home.

In Quantium I spent my “hard –earned” money on a room at an inn. Then things got more interesting. I woke up in a strange tower, dressed in strange robes, with strange burnmarks on my chest. Strange right? There were 6 other people there as well. Well, 4 people and 2 monsters.Yes, real monsters, like the ones in the stories. One was a demon of some kind with red skin, horns on it’s head, tentacles on it’s chin and way more muscles than anyone I’ve ever seen. I swear, this guy makes Darby look weak. Turns out he is a good demon. Those are named Oni apparently. He is ugly, but an ok guy. He has a sense of humor and can take a joke now and then. His name is Serrat’d. He didn’t know why we were there either. The other monster was some sort of human with grey skin and big black eyes. You won’t believe me, but it turned out to be a shapeshifing paladin of Iomedae. I know I sometimes exaggerate my stories, but this stuff is so crazy even I can’t make it up. She or he, it’s a shapeshifter so I don’t think it has a gender, was trapped there as well.

The other 4 people there proved to know as little about what was going on as I did. They were 4 women, humans all of them. Haven’t met any elves yet, so I can’t tell if any of the stories are true. I’ll find out though.

So you have these four women there, and some of them are hot, and I mean like hotter than anything we have back home. I swear, two of these girls make you forget all about Jenna and her sister. And I told you before I left, didn’t I? I told you I would meet women like this. Adventurers always do.

So two of the women were ok looking. Back home we would call them hot, but next to the other two it was hard not to simply forget they were there. One of them, Nissa, has this bear cub she is raising. She named it Lazy. The thing is cute, but I don’t think angering it would be a good idea. The other one, Ashe, is a little bit crazy. She is a inquisitor or executioner or something and belongs to the temple of Pharasma. Fanatic that one. She reminds me of Drussa. I’ve been trying to get a rise out of her the past few days.

And then there are these two goddesses. One of them, Mako, is a barbarian from Varisia. She’s got these cool tribal tattoo’s that make you wonder how far they actually go. She has healing powers. She is not a cleric though, finds religion too restrictive. I can understand that. Oh and she’s deaf. First deaf person I ever met. She gets by though, understands most of what the rest of us are saying. We get along great so far.

My favorite is Ia though. Just as hot as Mako, but a lot more crazy. You know how I always go for the crazy ones. This girl has the power to summon undead, and guess how she uses it? She summons back her dead dog, fluffy. I don’t think she even realizes that he’s dead. She just says he’s a little sick. She’s taken a shine to me I think. She scares easily and I have become her would-be protector.

So that’s our group. We woke up in that strange tower together and after introductions we wandered outside. We were attacked by demons as soon as we left the tower grounds, which we defeated. The demons I mean. We defeated the demons, not the tower grounds. This writing home stuff is new, so cut me a little slack. So it was the first time I fired my gun in combat. I think I need to refit the trigger and clean out the barrel. Maybe you were right and I need to bore a new one. The sight could use a few adjustments as well. Fighting is a lot more chaotic than I would have thought. I kept my cool, but it’s far less fun being in a battle than reading about it.

Anyway. The tower was surrounded by a forest. We traveled in some random direction, north did not seem to exist. Things got even stranger.The sun refused to go down, we did not get tired and we did not become hungry or thirsty. Some of the others said that their possessions were less real there, but I did not notice anything different about my pistol. After we were attacked by some more demons we went back to the tower to find some answers. We found some black clad figure waiting for us. He clapped his hands and we woke up in the same tower again.

We woke up again. Got our clothing back (I caught some glimpses of Mako and Ia changing, but not enough to ruin the mystery if you know what I mean) and followed the black clad man to his boss.
His boss turned out to be some kind of queen or something. She was sitting on a throne in a war room. She explained that an evil entity was going to enter our world because of a ritual performed by an evil cult. We had to stop the cult. She had called us together because we were the right heroes for the job. I should have gotten that in writing. I would love to see master Gikkos’ face when I showed him that document. Never amount to anything but a petty thug, ha!

So me, Ia, Mako, Serrat’d and the others set out to save the world. We decided to start our quest in Katapesh. You know how much I always wanted to go there.

Turns out people are disappearing all over the city. The last person to vanish is the daughter of a pactmaster. The pactmasters seem to rule the city. As you well know, damsels is distress are my specialty, so I greased the weels of the bureaucratic engines and got us an appointment with the desolute father. We are going to go visit him tomorrow.

Voila, that’s what happened up to now. As promised I’ll keep you informed of my grand adventures and conquests. Trust me, you’ll be jealous.

Have fun at work.

- Flinn

Letter 1

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