Letter 2

Yo Richard,

Nice of you to write back. You’re still as preachy as ever. You obviously need to get out more. Without me to drag you away from your workbench I bet your spending all of your time at work and at the temple of Torag. Torag is a dwarven god, man. If you want to do the whole religion thing, at least choose an interesting god, like Caiden Cailean. When was the last time you went out to the Firekeg and had some fun. Get the gang together and do something different for once. That’s an order.

Yeah, I’m giving orders now. Making deciscions for our group of intrepid heroes and everything. We have a paladin, an inquisitor and a monk in our group, and I’m the one forced to lead. I always thought paladins were like knights in shining armors, protectors and leaders in the world’s war against evil. Turns out they are more like big piles of metal that just sit around doing nothing. I don’t know what an inquisitors job is, but apparently it contains taking as little risks in combat as possible, being incredibly annoying and trying to get alcoholpoisoning. Oh and the wisdom of monks is seriously exaggerated in all the stories. I swear, some of these guys almost got me killed, twice. Almost none of them came up with anything useful at all during our investigation. If the gods give out power that easily…

Anyway, enough complaining. I’m actually having loads of fun. We are doing a lot of heroic stuff and I’m getting to know Mako and Ia a lot better. If you remember, we were trying to find a cult that had been abducting people. I had gotten us a meeting with a pactmaster whose daughter had disappeared. We were allowed in to his palace and questioned some of the servants. All I can say is, it’s good to be pactmaster. Big palaces, construct guards and a small army of servants to wait on you hand and foot. I bet the guy has a pretty big harem too. That’s normal in these parts, isn’t it?

The servants hadn’t seen or heard a thing, so we went to investigate the girl’s room. My house could have fit in to her room. Several times. We spent a few hours looking around and found a few clues. The window had been forced open, tracks led to the wall surrounding the manor and a strange piece of cloth lay beneath her bed. Kidnapping, duh! Tracking the trail in to the city was impossible, so we were kind of at a dead end.

I didn’t exactly know what to do next and back then I was still working under the illusion that one of our leaders might actually come up with a plan, so I spent the next day tinkering at my pistol. The new barrel is working perfectly and I finally got my sight aligned. I also balanced out the handle, something I had never thought about before. It took me the better part of a day though.

I had just finished my work when Ia gracefully sat down next to me and told me that Nissa had been arrested. I went to talk to her and apparently her bear-cub, Lazy, had stolen some money. The punishment for Nissa was cutting off one of her hands. We had the money to have it grown back, but Nissa bluffed her way out of the predicament herself. Good for her, right? Wrong! She lied and told the guards that she had simply stolen back stolen money. So I guess now the merchant Lazy stole from is in trouble. I don’t mind pulling one over on the guards, not at all. I don’t like to hurt other people in the process however. I am not going to tell on one of my companions, so I let it be. Besides, both the monk and the inquisitor were there, and neither of them objected to Nissa’s actions. So I guess its ok by the law.

Seeing as how we didn’t yet have a lead, I decided to take out a local thieves guild. Being heroes and all, and thieves being evil, and rich.

Right! I don’t think I told you how I knew about the thieves. Well, a few nights earlier I couldn’t get to sleep. I got up to go for a walk and at that time we were thinking about searching for a thieves guild, so I went to a few rowdy taverns, threatened a few people, fought a duel to the death with a member of the local assassins guild and forced him to give me the location the thieves’ hideout in exchange for his life. Interesting night that one.

The fight with the thieves didn’t really go as planned. I went down fairly quickly, but I killed the bugger who got me just before my lights went out. The others finished the fight however, so we won. Mako healed me, she has remarkably soft hands.

Ashe had gone in pursuit of one of the thieves however and didn’t return. We found her hanging on a cross near the city gates. She was arrested for murder (don’t ask, the laws in this city are crazy) and again I was the one who had to negotiate her release from prison. First from the guards, then from one of the pactmasters. Go lawful dudes.

We went back to the inn to come up with a new plan. Ia suggested asking around the slave market for anyone strange buying and storing slaves. Mako decided to go and find some more information at the local library or temple. She took Serrat’d with her, he knows about history and stuff. So you see, these girls are pretty and smart.

Ia, Nissa and I found out some strangers had been seen at the market and we tracked them to their house. I wanted to sneak inside, but the poison in my blood (from the thieves) was still weakening me and I had to send Serrat’d. He confirmed there were people locked up inside so we went in at night. Ia summoned skeletons to attack the house as a diversion while Serrat’d and I went back inside through the roof.

Again things didn’t really work out. They were waiting for us. Serrat’d and I were trapped inside with the guards and Ia’s skeletons suddenly turned on us. I was forced to drop my gun and reach for my whip, but I still went down. Serrat’d did too. Mako’s healing saved us however. While Mako was healing us more of Ia’s minions came to our rescue. No sight of the paladin or the inquisitor however. I guess saving your friends isn’t important enough. We were victorious and no-one of our group died; I guess that’s what counts.

The pactmaster’s daughter wasn’t inside the house however, just some slaves, which I released. We did find a map on which a location in the desert was marked.

Seeing as how the last two fights hadn’t exactly gone according to plan I wanted to be a little more prepared. The next day I spent making cartridges with ammunition. It took me about 8 hours. Doing it out here is a lot more difficult than at the gunworks, proper tools are hard to find. I did get some really nice ones from Serrat’d though, so that was cool.

Our adventures the last couple of days had gotten us some gold, so that night I took out Ia and Mako. I bought each of them a nice dress and we went to a nice little restaurant. I swear, walking across town and sitting at the table with a babe like that on each side, I got some really jealous looks from … well every other guy. Best! Night! Ever!

And before you get all preachy again, they are both very nice and friendly girls and I was a perfect gentleman the entire evening. Well, maybe not perfect, but I got no complaints.

The evening got a little bit ruined by Nissa, her delinquent bear Lazy and Ashe who were all sick from drinking too much.

We headed out in to the desert the next day and after 4 days of Ashe’s whining we arrived at the mark on the map. We found a pyramid that had been robbed clean and a camp with over 20 horses guarded by 3 guards. We over prepared for the fight this time and won easily. Now we are waiting at the camp, preparing for when the owners of the horses return. Exiting isn’t it. Who knows what will happen, how many of them will return. I hope we find the pactmasters daughter quickly now. Would be fun to rescue her and escort her back to the city. Very hero-like. Maybe her father will give us some kind of big reward too.

We’ll see.

How have you been doing? I don’t really believe I was anyone’s favorite student and I know everything about what happened with the guards after the incident.

Say hi to the gang for me. When all of this is over I’ll be sure to visit. I’ll bring along Ia and Mako too, so you can see I’m not exaggerating.

Stay cool

- Flinn

Letter 2

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