Letter 3

Hey Richard,

It’s nice to hear some news from back home. Tell Darby I’m sorry for his loss. His father was a real bastard, but it still hurts to lose a loved one. I hope he can keep the family business alive. I don’t think it will be a problem though, Darby is a hard worker.

Honestly, I hope Jenna and Darby do get together. He was always way too shy to approach a girl like Jenna, so maybe its good if she takes the initiative. And off course that way I won’t have to worry about her when I come back home.

Me and Jenna, together? No way man. Give her a few drinks and she is a lot of fun, but she can nag way to much. Flinn, take out the garbage. Flinn, clear out the stables. Flinn, why are you looking at my sister that way… No thanks.

So both you and Drussa are clergy now. I can’t say I’m thrilled about that, but it doesn’t come as a surprise. I’m sure you’ll both do fine. Just don’t start trying to change me again. My parents couldn’t raise me proper, so what chance do you think you’ll have.

But on to more pressing matters. Last time I wrote I was sitting in a camp we had taken over and we were waiting for the return of several evil cultists. The wait was long and boring and after several hours I noticed a strange red glow coming from the empty pyramid nearby. Remember, we had visisted and searched the pyramid the day before. We returned to the building and found it enveloped in a strange red mist. The mist kind of clung to me as I walked inside. It was all wet and sticky, not the good kind either. The inside of the pyramid had changed and the corridors now led to a central chamber. Inside the chamber several cultists were performing some dark ritual, sacrificing people to their dark god. We went inside to stop the ritual and after killing the cultists and their pet monster, some giant snake like thing, we rescued the surviving people. The pactmaster’s daughter was among them so we returned to Katapesh, victorious. We handed over the daughter to her father and thus added to the legend that is Flinn.

After some well deserved r&r we searched out lady whatshername’s contact to see if she had some more information on another location of the cult. She teleported us to a foresty region in Andoran. There we followed the tracks of several people heading deeper in to the wilds. These were supposedly cultists.

After a while our persued cultists headed in to the neighboring nation of Taldor, and we followed. We met up with several knights of Taldor who came to see what our business in their country was, and they decided to travel with us. They don’t like the prospect of cultists in their forest either.

A few days later we came upon another encampment. We tried to find out what they were doing but couldn’t find anything other than that they were on an expedition and that they were looking for the ruins of an ancient city. We couldn’t find any evidence that they were part of the evil cult either. We started to look for the ruins ourselves and found a hill that covered up an old building. We started do dig to see if the building was hiding anything, treasure perhaps, but found nothing. Well, that’s not true. The next I found several muscles I did not know I had. Damn was I sore. I didn’t show it off course, can’t lose face in front of my girls, and definatly not when there are a bunch of handsome knights and paladins around.

Again we were saved by the mist. Well, sort of anyway. While we were searching the remaining forest for anything out of the ordinary, a strange mist formed. Mako confirmed that the mist was magic and we found out it was having a strange effect on the animals of the forest. They had begun to attack the men of the nearby camp. We found one of their hunting parties under attack and when Nissa went to talk to one of the animals, she is a druid so she actually can talk to them and get an answer, they attacked us as well. Nissa’s diplomacy with the animals must have failed, I guess throwing a rock at a bear doesn’t make it like you. I already knew that, Nissa obviously didn’t. During the fight people kept screaming that the animals were illusions, but our wounds sure felt real enough.

We finished off the animals and investigated the nearby camp. Everyone was dead. The camp leader turned out to be a cultist, he had one of their tattoo’s. Most of the workers were not.

We found a document that proved they were looking for something called the amulet of Agnatoth. Most likely that had found it and had set off some evil curse that had killed them all. So what do you do in a situation like that? You go looking for it as well.
We didn’t find the amulet, but we did find Agnatoth. Nice guy, kind of strange. He told us were to find the amulet and said we could have it. See. All you have to do is ask.

We went in to the dungeon that held the amulet and after a fight with some undead guardians, we got it. We turned it in, giving it to the boss-lady, who then suggested we might search for two similar artifacts. There is just no pleasing her. Wouldn’t mind trying though. Although there is something freaky about her. Maybe it’s the red eyes and silver grey hair. Body is nice enough. We don’t trust her, the group I mean. There is always a hidden agenda with people like that. With all of the things we have found, she could have easily gone to one of the good temples. I think she just doesn’t want them involved. Maybe taking orders from her isn’t the best idea. Well, I’ll let our paladin, inquisitor and monk handle the moral questions. I’ll just handle the… hehehe.

We are now at some city in Taldor, looking for clues. Mako has her pretty little nose stuck in scrolls and books all day and I haven’t seen Ia in a while, so I am quite bored. I think I’ll go and see if there is any fun to be had in this city.

You’ll hear from me.

- Flinn

Letter 3

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