We’ve been running around like hens, trying to find some lead in this case.
Flinn came up with the idea to raid a thieves’ headquarters. I have no idea where he got that information, and I don’t really care either. The way I see it, if this is organized crime, it can’t be good for the population of the city.

Well, this raid didn’t go too well. I had a hard time keeping people alive. Flinn went down bleeding, but I managed to save him. And while we were recovering for some reason Nissa and Ashe went off on their own pursuing a fleeing bandit. And Asche disappeared. We found her again later, crucified and with a sign reading ‘murderer’ on her chest. But she was still alive. And the worst thing? The guards see this as proof. If someone does this to another in Katapesh, it’s seen as proof. People are crazy around here.

Anyway, we managed to get her released.

We got our meeting with the pact master. We were allowed to investigate his daughter’s rooms. We found some evidence of someone sneaking in, and a piece of ripped cloth under the bed. But that’s where our leads ended.

We tried looking for evidence of a situation like this happening in the past, but found nothing. Looking into evidence of someone collecting a bunch of slaves almost ended in disaster. A number of our group were down bleeding before we managed to take out the guards. But again, this was a dead end. By this time I’m left wondering if this Alana is just using us to cause trouble across Golarion for some reason. That’s what we’re doing, and she didn’t give us any evidence of her wild claims.

The next day Flinn gave Ia and me a beautiful dress and took the two of us for diner. I honestly didn’t expect this.

But I had a really good time. I didn’t have to think of monsters, murder and possible duplicity and was able to genuinely enjoy the evening.
Ia’s a nice girl. And Flinn seems to have a similar look on the world as I do. He does what seems right at the moment, and lives for the moment.

We’ve decided to follow a lead out of the city. We’ve purchased camels and have taken to the road. We followed the trail to an empty pyramid and a camp a few hours beyond. I think they entered the pyramid, but we didn’t find any leads inside. We’re now waiting in the camp to see what happens.


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