on a boat

We set sail for Westcrown. The idea was to book passage there on another ship heading North.
Well, I’ve found out I don’t like ships. They’re constantly in motion, and not just in one direction. And the smell is just awful.

After just one day I decided to stay in my cabin as much as possible. There isn’t much space on deck, and when you can’t hear sailors calling out for you to move it’s bad.

It turned out there was some person of noble birth on board with us, and he revealed himself as a cultist there to warn us. According to him Alana’s the bad guy in this drama. Well, nothing unexpected there. And with no way whatsoever to prove anything right or wrong we’re still left to fend for ourselves.

My proposal to Flinn was to look for one artifact, keep it and look for a way to destroy it. If the bad guys need three artifacts to operate their magic, destroying one would ruin that plan. Or so goes my theory. Flinn agreed with this reasoning; the rest of the group didn’t really voice any opinion. So for now, that’s what’s going to happen.

Not very long after I was more or less dragged out of bed by Nissa. There was some very strange, very localized storm cloud heading straight for us against the wind. So not natural. And then a dragon rider showed up and did some hand weaving. I later learned he also did some shouting about us not listening; whatever that’s supposed to mean. I don’t recall anyone coming to talk to us or anything.

He or she called forth some kind of magic; smashing a green fireball through our deck. Luckily it didn’t breach the hull. It did summon some kind of elemental however, and we had to fight. But we made it.

In Westcrown Flinn took me to an opera. Apparently that’s a big cultural thing. There were very beautiful costumes, and people were all dressed up for the occasion, and the building was all very beautiful. But the singing is not my thing I have to say. There’s just nothing to it when you can’t hear it. The dinner after was something else altogether. So all in all, a very nice evening.

A putty the ending was of a different kind. When we got back there was a package waiting for me. There was a fresh head in it, from one of the boys in my former village. It scared the hell out of me, and I must have screamed because while I was getting up Flinn barged into my room only wearing his trousers and wielding his gun. A shame I couldn’t enjoy that sight with my heart hammering in my throat.

I couldn’t sleep after this, so I did some reading. That’s why I noticed movement in the hallway right before the door opened. Six or seven beings stormed in. Orcs. Again it was quite a fight, with Nissa going down before we managed to get the upper hand.

It turns out we won’t be able to take a ship North. instead we’ll be traveling with a caravan through the mountains to the coast in Nidal.

on a boat

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