We spent the next couple of days enjoying ourselves. We went to see the sights; I went out with Flinn to grab something to eat and have a drink; that kind of stuff.

This came to a rather abrupt end. Flinn noticed a ruckus outside and got up to look out of the window of a tavern we were in. At that moment orcs came rushing into the common room from what I gathered must be the stairs into the cellar. There were a lot of them, and even a few ogres.

Now ogres and orcs generally don’t live together. So this was a first sign something bigger was going on. The second sign was the fact these creatures don’t live anywhere near the city.

We had quite a fight on our hands there and I had trouble keeping our group going. We took a look in the cellar where they came from. But when I saw they had broken into the cellar from the sewers I convinced the rest not to pursue yet as I was running low on healing power.

The next day we went into the sewers. We reached a room where a big group of orcs were sitting around, with a big guy sitting on a throne of all things. He had what looked like a human in robes nearby.

Ashe thought it a good I sea to scream ‘heathens’ and fire a volley of arrows before anyone had a chance to do anything. This left me with no opportunity to create a link with any of our melee specialists, and this made it a lot more difficult to keep people going. Before long people were dropping unconscious from the orc leader’s brutal axe.

We pulled through, but just barely. Flinn surprised me after the fight by slapping Ashe in the face before I’d had a chance to tell her what I thought of her solo act. Apparently he’d noticed what I thought of it or something like that. Or else he just thought the same thing. In any case after he’d said his piece that was the end of it.

We returned topside for a hot bath and such. But after we’d taken care of that we found out that the university library had been sacked. It took a few days for the people over there to clean up the mess, and then they found out some books had been stolen. The people orchestrating this attack were after the same information as us.

We did some research ourselves and found out one of the artifacts we seek (a stone tablet) was last seen on a ship that disappeared. We’ll have to go to another big library to look for more information I guess.


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