red mist

We stayed for the night in the camp we’d conquered on the cultist.
Sometime during the night Flinn woke me up and informed me there was a strange glow in the sky in the direction of the pyramid.

We decided to investigate and found the pyramid covered in a magical, red glowing mist. We managed to get in unhindered, and found the interior layout had changed. We were able to reach the center, and found a sacrifice in progress. This turned out to be a very tough fight. Nissa decided to charge the man performing the ritual, and put herself out of reach of my healing. She went down, and luckily didn’t perish.

The rest of us managed to hang on long enough for the cultists to go down, and I was able to patch up everyone. We took some prisoners, and headed back to the city.

We took up residence in a nice inn for some rest and relaxation. Flinn gave Ia and me another present: a nice necklace engraved with the same symbol he has on his cloack. I’m not sure what to make of these presents. But he’s a nice guy, so I’ve bought him one of those big, wide-brimmed hats. He seems to like hats.

Alana asked us to investigate reports of cultists moving through the forests in Andor. We managed to track a large group into Taldor. They’ve taken up a camp in a large clearing and are investigating the surrounding lands. It seems there used to be a city there. We tried excavating one of the buildings but didn’t find anything special.

After a few days of chasing red herrings, the predators in the forest for some reason attacked the cultists, and wiped them out. Afterwards we found some information about the thing they are looking for: an amulet. And we met the creator of the amulet. He told us where to look for it.

The amulet was guarded by some extremely tough skeletons; it took all I have just to keep all of us up. But we managed.

Now we’re in the biggest city of Taldor. We’ve taken up residence in a nice inn, and Ive hired a bard to do some research into the three artifacts that make up the set we need.

red mist

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