Hey Flinn,

Good to hear from you my friend. Your life seems as interesting as ever. I regret not being there with you, but I could not leave my father behind. Without me he could never keep the shop open.

I must say that I find it hard to believe everything you have written to me. Unlike most of the doe-eyed girls of our city district, I do not fall so easily for your elaborate tales. The incident at the Seranis manner is well known and unlike Sofy’s father I know what really happened.

I am glad you have found a purpose in life. You were never meant to remain here in Alkenstar, we all knew you would eventually leave. Everyone is curious about your adventures. Even master Gikkos asked me about you the other day. He wanted to know if you had been hanged already, but I could hear real concern in his voice. You may not believe it, but you were always one of his favorite students. You should know it was he who convinced the guards not to lock you away after you burned down the gatehouse to the Seranis’ estate.

So now you are saving the world in the company of a friendly demon and two buxom beauties? Well, I guess I’ll have to take your word for it. I rest assured that you will save us all. In the off chance that even the slightest bit of what you have written is true, I will pray for you and your companions and I really do have faith that you will do everything in your power to keep us from harm. You never lacked in conviction or skill, no matter what some have said.

Be carefull with your companions though. I wouldn’t tease this inquisitor too much. You know what happened when Drussa finally had enough, it took a whole week before you could see through your left eye again. And I know you well enough to know that you ‘ll be pestering the paladin as well. You really should not. Your problem with authority should not become theirs.

Also be carefull with this Ia girl. If she has taken a shine to you and counts on you to be her protector, do not disappoint her. You have aways been too careless with the hearts of the girls in our district. Jenna threw a rock through your window when she caught you with her sister, imagine what a girl that can summon undead can do.

You make friends easily, but you gain enemies just as quick. Be carefull.

Know that you’ll always have a place here.

And most importantly, have fun out there, I know you will.

- Richard


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