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Hey Flinn,

Everyone here is fine and they all send their regards. As to your remark, I get out more than enough. We still have our weekly gathering at the Firekeg and so far everyone still attends. Everyone except for you off course.

Darby’s father passed away a week ago and he now owns the family business. Even though he never got along with his father you can tell it affects him more than he wants to admit. Drussa has become a full fledged priestess of Sarenrae. She has only recently taken her vows, but she already orders around the temple acolytes like she owns the place. She will become the head-priestess in no time. Jenny’s sister is getting married in two months, to the son of a rich trader from Absalom. Rumor has it her family had to give the boy’s father two hundred muskets before he would agree to the betrothal. Jenny is besides herself off course, the idea of her younger sister marrying before she does… You know everyone always assumed you and she would wind up together. Now that you have left however, … She is becoming a little desperate I’m afraid. I think she has her sight set on Darby now. I’ll let you know if anything interesting happens.

As for myself… You guessed it, I became an official member of the church of Torag. Our shop isn’t doing so well, and my father sold it to the dwarven gunworks. We are still payed to run the place, so not much has changed, but the pressure to make profit has lessened so I have more time to myself. Whether I will become a paladin or a priest, I do not yet know.

I must say, I am beginning to believe your story more and more. Either you are truly trying to save the world, or you have become a much better liar. I guess with you I can never know.

Tracking down the cult doesn’t seem easy, I hope you find something at the camp you are at. Should I be worried about their presence here? If you would like me to, I could see if I can find any strange activity in town.

The part you wrote about the behavior of the paladin and the inquisitor worries me. If they continue to act out of character, I would alert their superiors at their temples. Maybe they are being influenced by some evil force, or maybe they are conn-artists that just pretend to be divine agents. The temple could clear this out and punish them if necessary. Believe it or not, but the gods do not grant power easily, a great price is payed for it.

It is nice to read that you are getting along with your friends, and that you are treating them with respect. We all know that could sometimes be a problem here. I look forward to meeting the people you speak so… highly?… of. I wouldn’t recommend coming home right now however. Jenna’s face if she saw you with your two friends would be a sight I would not want to miss, but …

Anyway, be safe, have fun,

- Richard

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