So now we’re traveling North as caravan guards. I’ve got no clue as to what these people expect me to do as a guard, being deaf. I just don’t notice things.

A few days out the campsite was attacked by a hydra. And people forgot to wake me until it was almost too late. Lucklily nobody died.
I’m going to propose sharing a tent three ways with Flinn and Ia. I can’t afford things like that happening too often or people will die.

A few days later an alarm was raised by the caravan master. Seems his daughter had gone missing an none of the guards had seen a thing. We tracked footsteps heading off into the forest. On road we were attacked by a couple of mercenaries. They didn’t pose too much of a problem. But they were working for a dragon. The survivor showed us the route.

Now this fight was brutal. The kobold servant locked Flinn out of the fight for a few seconds, and that was almost all it took to wreck us. I couldn’t keep Nissa and Lazy up, even with the trick I learned about sharing their damage. I almost went down myself in just a few seconds. Luckily Flinn snapped out of his spell in time to drop the monster.

When we reached the capital I used the cash I’d earned to buy me some magical lenses. They allow me to lipread much easier, and understand every spoken language. And they don’t look too bad. So I’m happy. But I’d like to finish my tattoo. Since we’re so close to Varisia I want to find a skilled artist and have that done. Hopefully I can afford it by the time I find one.


The great burning shadow DirkVanleeuw