Letter 4

Hey Richard,

It’s been a while since I last wrote. I would say that I didn’t have the time, but that would be a lie. That’s not to say that I haven’t been busy. Last I wrote we were still in Taldor, researching stuff to figure out what our next move would be.

Before we could figure things out though, the city was attacked by Orcs. I was having dinner with Mako at the inn when the bastards decided to disrupt our evening. They burst in through the cellar and started killing, raping, stealing…. the usual things, or so I thought. After the fight had died down the rest of our group returned from whatever they were doing and some had noticed that the Orcs had been strangly organized and were working with other creatures. I guess that’s not normal. Ashe and Serrat’d discovered a hole in the wall of the cellar that lead to some old sewer system. Appearantly that’s how the orcs got in to the city. You would think a city like this is smart enough to patrol the sewers, or at least put some kind of magical alarm on it. I know the sewers back home are protected by very dangerous boobytraps in order to protect the gunworks. I know, because I set more than a few of them off while sneaking in to overseer Marsha’s office. She was always so grateful for the help I gave her after hours.

Anyway, so we wound up going down in to the sewers and found a tunnel the orcs had dug. It lead to some chamber with a throne and a lot of orcs. Now, I know that I tend to exaggerate a little, but these were truly some insurmountable odds. They seemed a little startled to find us there, so I figured I could talk to their leader, find out a little about why they were here and then shoot him. Maybe that would have scared a few of them off, at least we would have gotten some more information. Not that it matters, because that’s not how it went down. Our schizophrenic inquisitor flipped her mental coin and this time the fanatic side won from the chickenshit side of her personality. She drew her weapon, yelled “heathens”, and attacked. One difficult fight later I punshed her on the nose and told her never to do anything that stupid ever again. I swear, next time I am just going to pull the trigger on her and put her out of my misery.

We returned to the inn, that had been abandoned now that the innkeeper had died during the orc attack, and took a nice warm bath. Later I heard the orcs had stolen some books from the library and I remembered a spellcaster that had escaped the battle in the sewers. I figure the orcs were being used by the evil cult.

Later Mako found out one of the artifacts was last seen on a boat heading north towards the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, so we decided to travel to Karlsgard, the capital of that backwater country. Karlsgard is pretty far up north, so we could only take a ship as far as Westcrown. We would have to look for further transportation there.

The trip to Westcrown was uneventfull…. Yeah right, like that was gonna happen.

All bad things come in three, and so did the events on our ship. First of all, there was a member of the evil cult on board. He claimed that the cult was not evil and that lady whatsherface is actually an evil overlord trying to invade Golarion. We kind of expected something similar. Still, why can’t things ever be straightforward. In the stories evil is always easy to spot. Next a dragonrider showed up inside of a magical storm (overcompensating much) and scolded us for not listening. Seeing as how none of us knew what he was talking about I think his message got lost in the mail. Instead of telling us again he decided to throw a big flaming rock at our ship. Because, you know, that’s the grown-up thing to do. After depositing this big chunk of flaming debris, which turned out to be some nasty elemental, he turned around his pet lizard and flew away. You would think that if he wanted us dead he would have used his dragon to burn down our ship to the waterline, or he would have stayed and helped his rock-creature, but he pulled a classic bad guy move and wandered back home.

We fought and defeated the elemental and safely arrived at Westcrown. Oh and in case it wasn’t clear, the elemental was the third bad thing to happen.

In Westcrown I took Mako to see an opera. Afterward we had some dinner and the evening passed by without incident… Nope it didn’t, again, no such luck. After we returned to the inn and went upstairs, Mako started screaming. She was in her room by the way, and I was in mine, just so you don’t get the wrong idea here. Otherwise a little screaming is expected, and appreciated. Turns out someone had sent her the head of one of the people from her village. Oh yeah, and later that night orcs attacked her room. Seems the cult has it out for pretty young Mako. Maybe I should offer to share a room with her. To keep her safe, you know. I’ll suggest a change in rooms at the next inn. Me, Ia and Mako in one room and Serrat’d, Ashe and Nissa in the other.

What we are doing now is gearing up to join a caravan heading north to Nidal. I believe we are suppose to be guards.

I’ll let you know how this ends, but I don’t think it will be uneventfull.

- Flinn

Letter 4

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